Thursday, March 20, 2008

sweet face 365.180

I know jackson has a sweet face, he is a sweet dog, he loves us. he "protects" us. we however, made a mistake in his training. however all the fault is not ours. when we first got jackson we were told, by more than one person that knows such things, that he most likely wouldn't get bigger than 35 -40 lbs. so since he was going to remain small we figured that him occasionally sleeping with us would be ok. however our dear dog is 55 pounds. you can see from the picture that he takes up much of the bed, sleeping with us is torture. for a while he had no interest in sleeping with us. However recently since, he knows that he isn't supposed to sleep with us, he waits until the middle of the night to join us. He knows we are too tired to deal with him so he gets to stay. as a result both will and i get terrible sleep, added to this that i am not sleeping awesome anyway. I am a giant pile of crank. but still i wake up every morning and see this sweet face and can't help loving that dear dog of mine.

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Julia said...

Animals in the bed! Sweet Chaos.