Thursday, March 13, 2008

covet 365.174

**this is a picture of the front of the lands end catalog.
i heart mary jane shoes. any type, any variety, heels, flats, sneakers well you get the idea. while the above picture are not representational of my favorite pair they do however represent a desire i can not fulfill. i have been advised by many of my friends not to buy shoes before i have the baby, because my feet might change and get bigger. so basically i am reduced to shopping for hats. (anyway i was cleared to take sweet sweet drugs , nyquil & tussin to help me alleviate a cough that sounds suspiciously like a death rattle, i am off to take my nyquil and slip into a sweet sweet drug induced sleep. as a side-bar to the side bar, the fetus does not like the coughs every time i cough i get an extra reminder in the form of a kick from the inside.. we already have such a loving relationship)

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Mrs. G. said...

I, too, have weakness for mary janes. I just ordered a pair of Keene's.

I'm glad that baby is happy and kicking!