Sunday, March 23, 2008

MIA 365.184

last night, my hard-drive (HD) died. i went to reboot and with the restart i got the dreaded file folder with a question mark inside accompanied by a distinct clicking noise. those of you in know with computers know just how dire the situation is based just on that. i called applecare and they told me to go a genius bar. there a nice guy named henry told me what i feared. my HD was no more and worse than that, they couldn't recover any of the data. in order to get my data i would need to send the old hard-drive off to some place with a clean room so that they can attempt to recover the data. the nice apple people aren't going to charge me anything to replace my HD however data retrieval that's gonna cost me. more than $1000.

finals are in 3 weeks, every note i have taken for any class this semester is on the dead HD. the project due tomorrow (that i had already spent some time on), yea that was on there too. yea no stress. not to mention pictures, my calendar, addresses emails of sentimental value, the list goes on and on and on.

whats most annoying about this? i am normally really good about backing things up. however since i got pregnant i seem to have forgotten all about it. message to my loyal readers, BACK-UP NOW, its costly and frustrating to not have a back up.

so whats missing normally on our coffee table there are two mac lap-tops i have the distinct feeling that the iBook misses the macBook, as do i.


Anonymous said...

do you have home/renters insurance? some policies come with computer insurance if you can claim that there was a power surge that fried your computer. The insurance could pay for data retrieval (but your deductible could be high). check it out.

Ariel said...

Hang in there babe!

Anonymous said...

i am sorry, darling.

One of my cliens got me an exteior hard drive, and it is programed to back up every morning when i turn the comp on, it was like 100 bucks.
Of course the comp has to be plug to it.