Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ugly ducklings 365.258

I know that I now notice babies (of all types) more than I did before, for this I blame the fetus, but as I walking to class this morning, i had a flash forward walking with a kid and seeing this scene. I wouldn't be able to just walk by. We would have to stop and watch the baby geese and most likely talk about it. Usually thoughts like this overwhelm me, but today I was oddly at peace with the idea of it.


Anonymous said...

Ah Moterhood!
I gess that whatever you think you are ready or not, your body, heart and mind are.

Love every moment of it.


Julia said...

Of course, you'll need a copy of one of my favorite books from childhood "Make Way For Ducklings." There is a duckling named Ouak in it if I remember correctly.