Friday, June 20, 2008

style 365.275

in my lifetime the furniture i have acquired was basically take it as is, either free or there are no choices you have to take it in this color if you want it. for this chair, will and i chose the color and the style and we are so happy! since its a glider type chair it lives in the little room, until such time that we can bring into the living room and enjoy it all the time. also extra style points come from jesse who gifted us the beautiful throw from mexico you see artfully draped along the back of the chair . (the artful draping is mine but i couldn't have done it with any other throw so easily.)

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Anonymous said...

i think to remember a very exited daughter of mine that bought her first double bed, remember metal headrest, it was beatiful, and altough you were single then, you were very proud of that bed. So maybe chair is 1st purchase since maried. Another milestone in a road that will be full of them.
Love Mami