Wednesday, May 14, 2008

tomato plant? 365.237

when will and i planted these little seeds, i'll be honest, i didn't really expect it work. I mean
for the left half of the tray we took seeds from actual tomatoes, (the awesome cherry tomatoes from the "tomatoes of the world" they sell at trader joes) but they are growing like gangbusters! since will and i live in the city and have limited access to garden space we are offering out many of our tomato plants.. do you live locally? would you like a cherry tomato plant all your own? shoot me an email and we can arrange it.


will said...

no cara, we can't mail them no matter how much you beg.

Cara said...

why would i want boston tomatoes? i live in tomato country, land of fabulous produce and more fabulous farmers markets. besides, al gore wouldn't approve of you shipping tomatoes across the country when i can get them local.
i like how you posted on how i would be begging before i even read the post.