Tuesday, May 6, 2008

she deserves her title 365.228

today in the mail (ok really FedEx) i got the following, a pair of clogs, a christmas tree pin and an Al Gore card with "quotable" stickers from the bestie. understandably jackson was suspect. the clogs make sense, see her blog post from my visit to her this past dec, where she mentions how i brought 3 pairs of shoes but only wore her clogs the whole time. i know she doesn't wear said clogs so i have been harassing her about them, to shut me up she sends them to me. i wonder what else i can get this way. she is in the process of moving, so i can only assume she came across the pin in her packing and thought, "hey i need to get rid of this veronique can clearly use it." the al gore card is truly the cherry on top. i heart al gore. she really is the best bestie!


Cara said...

the pin came from work - part of a white elephant gift. be glad i didn't give you the peppermint candy shaped oil diffuser!

Janine said...

are those dansko clogs? clearly, you're a lucky girl.