Sunday, May 18, 2008

insanely early breakfast 365.242

because i wasn't feeling well, you are just going to have to deal with how not good i look in this picture. anyway this is my friend jason, we went to high-school together and we lived together for a summer in chicago. he currently lives in LA (shiver) and is on the east coast for his younger sister's graduation. what makes this picture remarkable? well jason was at our house at 7:35 am! am people! he had to have been awake before that because thats when he came to our house. people who know jason will understand just how huge this is, really i am still in shock! anyway we had french toast made with real french people! it was tasty and fun and great to see him!


Anonymous said...

Jason, what on earth are you wearing?????? Maybe is because of the outfit that you fell out of bed so very early.

joanna shmoanna said...

you'll always look good to me, beautiful.

Cara said...

and its even earlier for jason cause he's on west coast time! or maybe it's really really late. those LA boys love their nightlife.

Anonymous said...

He he. Yes, very early for me. It was 3:30 am my time. But how could I not get up to see the belly?

I am wearing my ngakpa shawl. :-)


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