Friday, April 11, 2008

special... thats me 365.202

so i have edema, this is not a big deal, it just means my ankle is swollen. what? you say only one? yes thats right only one, since this is slightly out of the ordinary i called the doc, she said its fine just stay off it for the remainder of the day. many of you know that my body likes to be different (read special) so it shouldn't come as a great shock that this too is different (its best we don't mention how my joints sometimes threaten a coup) being pregnant does such odd things to your body.


Cara said...

sometimes i think you are more le cara est than i am le veronique ouest. or maybe you are more le judy norte

Anonymous said...

hi love, stay off salt, it helps, i had he same prblem when i was pregnant w. you
love mamil