Tuesday, April 29, 2008

flattery and the truth 365.221

today Mrs G. over at Derfwad Manor paid me an extra-ordinary compliment, saying i have above average hair. here's the truth Mrs G, my hair is a frizzy mess most days, the picture that you used in your post is from two days after my most recent hair cut, my hair was styled to perfection by my talented hair lady (if you live in boston go see Andrea at Biyoshi Salon she rocks!) my hair on most says looks like the above picture. much frizz, no control etc. also usually its back which really just makes the frizz look like a halo around my head. (because i am such an angel!)

anyway thank you so much for your advice and the advice of all the folks who comment on your blog i will print it out and put it on my bedside table for re-reading when i am feeling overwhelmed sipping my bourbon at noon.

ps. thanks for answering my question Mrs G!


Mrs. G. said...

Just accept it. You have above average hair.

Anonymous said...

i agreed, but i am the mother