Wednesday, February 20, 2008

where is he? 365.152

as my 8 loyal readers know, jackson loves "helping" with household chores. today he helped us fold a comforter in anticipation of a friend coming to visit. but all of a sudden we couldn't find him!

Edited to add the following:
this is yankel, yankel was a guilt gift from will for jackson on his way home from israel this past august. (pictured when jackson received him) yankel rapidly became jackson's favorite toy. hardly a day goes that doesn't involve yankel play time

this is yankel (picture on the right) today. no tie, no nose, no eyes, barely the remnants of a mouth, plus an eye-patch and lots of extra thread. jackson loves yankel, while i was performing my surgery this evening the dog was beside himself with worry that yankel may not make it. lucky for jackson (and yankel) i'm a great surgeon.

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