Monday, October 22, 2007

fall? 365.31

today after class i wandered over to the main campus, (to further aid in the procrastination but also to go to the amazing library to get work done) the only evidence that it is in fact fall was this tree.

does this bother anyone else?

dear al gore,
global warming is out of control. its late october and i am wearing a t-shirt and walking around outside in the 80 degree weather. please use your nobel peace prize to to fix this.



CDG said...

i think it's the "love, veronique" that's going to get him moving on this one...

Janine said...

you make me laugh a lot.

Al Gore said...

Dear Veronique,

Thank you for your letter, and for all of your other letters. Unfortunately the Nobel Peace Prize cannot be used to stop global warming. In fact, being made of gold, it contributes to the environmental degradation of land in southern Africa and perpetuating human rights issues. I suspect your MBA will do a lot more good (if you choose to do so) than a gold medal.

Al Gore