Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Julia! 365.334

Ruben had a great time with Julia over the weekend, here he is telling her not to leave its been too much fun and that life is more fun in your pajamas.

also a quandary, I am on post 334, which somehow puts me ahead of one picture a day by three days! . did anyone notice any days with double posts? (i know that i sometimes post more than one day at a time but each day is its own post. Color me confused) *** i figured it out but i am too lazy to fix it as it goes back many posts! i have learned to deal with my imperfections and you can too! ****


Cara said...

you can do 334a, 334b, etc till you are all catched up.
or count backwards when you hit 365, -365, -364, -363.

And life is def better in pajamas.

Cara said...

and also, Hi Julia Mommy!!!!!