Tuesday, July 1, 2008

all my boys 365.285

there is so much that goes on in this little man's life. today he had a play-date with MOMP's little man and more importantly MOMP got her fill of baby head smell. its her crack, i think that if when you went to the car wash that were a scent available called "newborn baby head" she would get her car cleaned every week just for the smell. (this is no way meant to imply that her car needs cleaning that often just that she's an addict) anyway while there are pictures of this play date... this picture is what took my breath away. jackson is adjusting to have a younger person in the house and today he proved it by being able to share the bed with more than one person. who knew i would a woman in a house full of boys.


E said...

cutest picture ever!!!!

Alexa Z said...

I have to agree; that is the best picture! It does really take your breath away!

will said...

i also just noticed that both ruben and jackson pitched their heads back.